Barr says there ‘could be’ more indictments from Durham

Millions of Americans across the political spectrum have been waiting — some with patience, others not so much — for U.S. Attorney John Durham to complete his “investigation of the investigators” and either issue indictments to or a comprehensive report on the actions of those responsible for sparking the failed Trump–Russia collusion probe.

But while former prosecutor and ex-Congressman Trey Gowdy said recently that he doesn’t think Durham will indict anyone else, Attorney General Bill Barr indicated Wednesday that Durham could still issue more criminal charges in his ongoing probe, The Daily Wire reported.

So far, the only indictment known to have been handed down by Durham was against former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, “pleaded guilty to a false statements charge for fraudulently altering a CIA email,” according to the Washington Examiner.

In a 30-minute interview with NBC News’ Pete Williams on Wednesday, Barr said Clinesmith may not be the last to face Durham’s wrath.

Barr: “Could be” more indictments from Durham

Following discussions on topics like the ongoing nationwide protests and the potential for voter fraud brought on by mail-in ballots, Williams asked Barr if Durham is nearing the end of his investigation, which began in May 2019 and morphed into a criminal probe in October of that year.

“I’m not going to characterize exactly where he is — I’ll just leave it at that,” Barr replied, according to the Daily Wire.

The reporter then asked: “Would you say that it is unlikely that there [will] be further criminal charges?”

Barr was emphatic in his response: “No, I wouldn’t say that at all, no.”

Pressing the matter, Williams asked if there “could be” additional indictments, to which Barr nodded, saying, “Yeah, there could be,” according to the Daily Caller.

“I’m going to do what I think is right”

Conservatives are no doubt hoping that Durham brings accountability to those responsible for shaking up the early days of Trump’s presidency — and the final days of his 2016 campaign — but could it come before November’s election? Williams asked Barr Wednesday if a report could come from the U.S. attorney before then, but Barr demurred, saying, “I’m not going to get into that.”

Williams wondered aloud whether it would be “fair” to release a potentially damning report just before an election — but Barr noted the question was a hypothetical on top of a hypothetical.

“Nowadays there are people who will say anything and you can almost bank on the fact of what they’re going say, and I don’t let that bother me,” the attorney general said, according to The Epoch Times. “I’m going to do what I think is right and in the public interest.”

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