AG Bill Barr on being held in contempt by Congress: ‘It goes with the territory’

William Barr has been under fire since virtually his first day in office as attorney general, with repeated charges of contempt coming from Congress. But he’s just letting them roll off his back.

When Bill Barr was recently asked what he thought about the latest bid by Congress to hold him in contempt, he stated: “It goes with the territory these days.”

Relentless Attacks

While Barr has done nothing wrong, Democrats would like everyone in the country to believe he is one of the most corrupt individuals walking around today yet what most people don’t realize is that Democrats are holding him in contempt over something that would require him to break the law.

Most of these charges involve Barr not turning over an unredacted version of the Mueller report right out of the gate.

Barr did not provide that report over for several reasons.

First and foremost, a special counsel investigation is not meant for public release.

Technically, it is a report that is meant for the eyes of ONLY the attorney general.

Secondly, grand jury testimony is protected by law from being revealed to the public, and yes, that even includes members of Congress.

Government Overreach

There are two things that have become painfully obvious during the Trump administration.

The first is that Dems will twist any narrative to suit their own purposes. Listening to the Mueller hearings in Congress today makes that painfully obvious.

Secondly,  Democrats have no fear of abusing their powers to get their desired outcome, and one needs to look no further than the number of investigations launched by Democrats on collusion after the Mueller report exonerated the President.

Just as Barr stated, it truly does go “with the territory these days.”

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