Roseanne Barr claims she thought Valerie Jarrett was white, Saudi, and Jewish

Roseanne Barr’s “racist” tweet saga has taken on a life of its own — and some interesting twists have been added to the story since its inception on Tuesday.

In a tweet that offered a bit more clarity to her comments about Valerie Jarrett, Barr admitted she thought Jarrett was actually white, Jewish, and Saudi — she claims she didn’t know Jarrett was part African American.

Standing Tall

Barr came under immediate fire after her “Planet of the Apes” tweet about Jarrett.

To her credit, Barr has completely owned up to her mistake.

While she did say she was “Ambien tweeting,” she did not try to use the medication as an excuse.

Even with her series having been cancelled, she has stood tall and asked her followers not to defend her behavior.

She was wrong, and she knows it.

Equal Treatment

Most conservatives have stated Barr went over the line here.

The problem, though, is the treatment of Barr and that of liberals that tweeted or said something similar has not created the same outrage.

If we take Barr at her word as to Jarrett’s ethnicity, it brings to light some rather harsh liberal comments made about Trump.

For instance, Bill Maher once compared Trump to an orangutan on his show.

Keith Olbermann went on a vicious rant on Twitter back in August 2017, calling Trump a Nazi and a racist.

And how many salacious comments about Trump has Joy Behar made? Yet she has never received so much as a slap on the wrist for doing so.

Or how about Michael Che calling Trump a “cracker” during a Weekend Update report on Saturday Night Live?

How does a blatant racial slur like that not only go unpunished, but manage to get on air in a script in the first place?

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Nobody is saying Barr should have been given a pass on this.

What everyone does want, however, is for liberals to be held to the same standard as conservatives when making the very same type of comments. It’s only fair.

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