Barr says China is biggest threat as nations attempt to ‘sow dissent’ ahead of US election

U.S. Attorney General William Barr pulled no punches during a recent CNN interview, providing an unvarnished take on various important current events.

Among the topics covered during the segment was his stark warning about the dangers America faces from international enemies, particularly China, as reported by Breitbart.

“The whole world is suffering”

The remarks came during an appearance on Wednesday’s installment of Situation Room with host Wolf Blitzer. In discussing the global threats currently faced by U.S. leaders, the attorney general made it clear which country he feels is most responsible for troubling aggression and efforts to “sow dissent” ahead of Election Day.

“Of those three countries that the intelligence community has pointed to: Russia, China, and Iran, which is the most assertive, the most aggressive in this area?” Blitzer asked.

“I believe it is China,” Barr said.

President Donald Trump has frequently shared similar concerns about China’s actions, including the communist regime’s apparent role in the spread of the coronavirus.

“It could have been stopped in China before it started and it wasn’t, and the whole world is suffering because of it,” the president said during a White House press briefing in April.

“It’s hack and dump”

He went on to allude to possible “consequences” if it were determined that “they were knowingly responsible” for the global public health crisis. The following month, Trump addressed reports of Chinese efforts to stifle and shut down pro-democracy efforts in Hong Kong.

“I don’t know what it is because nobody knows yet,” he said at the time. “If it happens, we’ll address that issue very strongly.”

Of course, Barr clarified that Russia is also a likely culprit in international efforts to disrupt or impact the U.S. election.

“It’s hack and dump, you get into someone’s mail system and then try to disclose embarrassing documents,” he said in describing common tactics. “It wouldn’t surprise me if they try something like that, or any other country tries that. The other way is social media and putting things out on social media.”

It is clear that global efforts are in motion to undermine America’s democracy. Therefore, it could be more important than ever before for voters to make sure they cast a ballot for the candidate they believe will keep the nation — and its core principles — safe for the next four years.

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