Former First Lady Barbara Bush’s health is failing and she’s refusing treatment

One of the true rocks behind one of our president’s is about to leave us.

New reports suggest Barbara Bush is in “failing health” and is refusing further medical treatment.

Dying Days

True to her ways, Mrs. Bush is standing tall as her health fails her.

The former president’s office released a formal statement about her health problems stating she “has decided not to seek additional medical treatment and will instead focus on comfort care.”

Much like she did during her time as First Lady and as a supporter of her son while he was in office, Mrs. Bush is “worrying not for herself – thanks to her abiding faith – but for others.”

Favorite First Lady

From the moment George H.W. Bush took office, his wife Barbara became one of America’s favorites.

For many, it was the image of a trusting grandmother she evoked with her mane of white hair.

During every moment as Vice President and President, Bush had a true rock to lean on for support, as did his son when he became president.

Barbara Bush’s Legacy

Barbara Bush no doubt served as somewhat of an example for our current First Lady, Melania Trump.

For both of these women, America’s children are at the forefront of their agenda.

While First Lady, Barbara Bush made it her top priority to get books in the hands of our children.

More importantly, she worked diligently to help them to actually be able to read them.

Mrs. Bush called literacy one of the “most important issues we have.”

Dying Days

Most of the headlines regarding health have pertained to our former president, not the former First Lady.

So, this news caught many people by surprise, especially based on how spry she looked during the presidential election.

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Mrs. Bush will remain in Houston and has been joined by her family during her last days.

Our thoughts and prayers go out for Mrs. Bush and her family.

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