Barbara Bush stopped motorcade, ordered Secret Service to allow her to thank her police escort

Barbara Bush was a kind, unassuming woman… of that there is a little doubt.

Mrs. Bush was also one to recognize the efforts of those around her, once making her Secret Service detail stop on the side of the road so she could thank the officers protecting her during her ride.

One Agent’s Recollections

Now that Mrs. Bush has passed, more and more stories of her astounding character are being revealed.

Jonathan Wackrow was one of the agents that had been assigned to Mrs. Bush from time to time and he saw just how kind she was firsthand.

After working the night shift guarding the family at their summer residence, Mrs. Bush appeared towards the end of his shift.

While many politicians simply ignore the efforts of their protective detail, that was not the case with Mrs. Bush.

She approached the agent and said, “Well, it’s a good morning for me, but it looks like you have been up all night, so I will wish you a good night’s sleep.”

Long after the Bush’s had left the White House, Agent Wackrow was working her detail again.

This time, it was working a protective detail to escort her during an appointment in New Jersey.

Heading back to New York, the First Lady told him, “They remember me! We have not had this much excitement since the White House!”

Her motorcade had been provided additional protection by the New Jersey State Police, and prior to leaving the state, Mrs. Bush asked him to pull over.

Barbara Bush the left the vehicle so she could thank every officer that had “so warmly welcomed me to New Jersey.”

Never Took a Moment for Granted

That one story just about sums up the life of Barbara Bush.

She was a woman that truly appreciated every second of her life.

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She also appreciated the efforts of every person that helped her and her husband before, during, and after the Bush presidency.

It just was not in her character to ever say a bad word about anyone.

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