Barbara Bush revealed she considered suicide over husband’s alleged affair, author says

As it turns out, even former President George H.W. Bush may have some skeletons in his closet.

A new biography reveals that Bush’s alleged affair with a junior aide, put his wife, Barbara Bush, on the brink of suicide, the Daily Mail shared in an exclusive report.

Stunning Tell All

In “The Matriarch: Barbara Bush and the Making of an American Dynasty,” set to be released on Tuesday, the former first lady reveals to the author some very troubling times during her marriage.

According to author Susan Page, Bush told her that George H.W. Bush carried on an affair with his aide Jennifer Fitzgerald for more than a decade.

Down a Dark Path

The romance apparently started back in 1973 when Bush was the Chairman for the RNC. It seems to really take off, though, in the mid-70s when Bush was working for the CIA.

“Barbara Bush found herself falling into the worst personal crisis she had faced since daughter Robin had died more than two decades earlier. Overwhelmed by pain and loneliness, she contemplated suicide,” Page wrote in the biography, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

“She would pull over to the side of the road until the impulse to plow into a tree or drive into the path of an oncoming car had passed.”

Page says Bush told her, “I really wasn’t brave enough to do that, but that’s why I pulled over, so I wouldn’t do that, or I wouldn’t run into another car.”

The former first lady also stated she often cried herself to sleep at night, usually in the arms of her husband, trying to explain to him her emotions.

The alleged affair only ended when Bush was nominated for VP and given the choice of being on the ticket or continuing his affair with Fitzgerald. Although Bush reportedly took a day to consider it, Fitzgerald did lose out and was moved to a different position away from Bush.

While speculation ran rampant and Barbara Bush was convinced that the affair happened, George H.W. Bush denied the affair his whole life. When asked only weeks before his passing, Bush once against firmly denied the affair.

Fitzgerald also continues to deny it, saying, “It simply didn’t happen.”

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