Barack Obama's estranged half-brother Malik endorses Trump

August 14, 2023
Matthew Boose

Barack Obama's estranged half-brother Malik Obama is still riding the Trump Train, telling Breitbart that he is "all in" for the former president in 2024. 

"Yes, I am,” he said, adding that he can't support "Sloppy Joe."

The loyal Trump backer became known in 2016 for his vocal criticism of his half-brother and support of then-candidate Trump, who went on to win a historic upset.

Malik Obama endorses Trump

The diehard Trump fan describes himself on X (formerly Twitter) as a "Veteran of the Great Meme War of 2016."

To demonstrate his ongoing support for Trump, Obama shared a selfie with his followers of him wearing a red hat with the words "F BIDEN" in white lettering. One user responded, "Wear a MAGA hat, and I might believe you" - and Obama obliged with a selfie in his Trump hat.

Malik Obama has been outspoken about his negative feelings toward his brother, with whom he shares a father, Kenyan economist Barack Obama Sr.

"I don’t get along with him,” Obama told Breitbart. "I think he’s a big disappointment to me because he’s not the same person that he used to be when we were together. It seems like once he became a big shot, it got to his head. And now he thinks that he’s god."

Bad blood

The two first met in the 1980s, and Malik served as the best man at his younger brother's wedding to Michelle Obama (maybe the only person Obama could find to marry with a bigger ego than himself.)

But Barack severed ties with his family in Kenya and became a "snob" once he hit the big time, according to his brother. Malik vented his feelings of rejection in a series of posts, calling his brother a "snake" and a "traitor" and sharing an image of the two of them together when Barack was a "nobody."

Barack Obama's murky origin story has come under unprecedented scrutiny after a lengthy interview with biographer David Garrow, whose book Rising Star gives a critical picture of the oft-mythologized former president.

The interview led to the resurfacing of a letter Obama wrote as a young man, in which he described having homosexual fantasies to an ex-girlfriend.

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