Barack and Michelle Obama celebrate 27th wedding anniversary

There have been a lot of rumors about the marriage status of Michelle and Barack Obama since the 44th president left office — but it looks like those rumors are all for nil.

A local CBS affiliate reports that the couple recently shared social media posts wishing each other many more “happy” years as they celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary.

What Problems?

After Barack Obama left office, people started to notice he and Michelle seemed to be spending more time apart than together.

It is not uncommon these days for book tours to accompany the post-presidential years, but what the Obamas did just did not seem quite right.

Michelle went on vacation with her daughters while Barack remained behind. Then, both of them did separate speaking engagement tours — but they never really seemed to be spending much time together.

The rumors got worse when Michelle Obama started to spill the beans about the struggles the couple had in the early years of their relationship, as well as more recently.

Publicly Celebrating, Privately…

While everyone was asking questions, the two maintained everything was just fine. And to let everyone know how happy they are together, the Obamas decided to put a couple of posts up on social media. The former president tweeted Thursday:

For her part, Michelle opined:

Of course, on the surface, things seem to be OK between Michelle and Barack, and maybe they really are back on track.

But it just seems odd that two people who are so “close” and “happy” feel the need to communicate those feelings so stridently…via Twitter. What ever happened to a good, old-fashioned phone call?

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