NYC Bar Association demands congressional investigation into AG Barr

It is apparently not appropriate for the Attorney General of the United States to call out political hacks. As such, Attorney General William Barr was just attacked by the New York City Bar Association for shirking the “bedrock obligations for government lawyers.”

The organization is asking Congress to investigate Barr’s “troubling pattern of conduct” and “and to consider any legislative and oversight responses and remedies that may be necessary.”

They want him out

Barr has been targeted by liberal organizations almost from day one. By calling out organizations that are dangerous to our Republic, liberals have deemed him to be a threat. Mind you, Obama’s attorneys general have done and said far worse, yet all we hear from Democrats on this front are crickets.

They take Barr’s words as impartiality, but the comments are protective in nature to the values of our country. Yes, Barr is a member of our Justice System and he is to remain impartial, but it is also his job to call out threats to the nations when he sees them and call them for what they are.

The NYC Bar Association doesn’t see it that way, and stated in an open letter to Congress that “Barr’s recent actions and statements position the Attorney General and, by extension, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) as political partisans willing to use the levers of government to empower certain groups over others.”

Showing backbone

This call for an investigation by the NYC Bar Association will have little impact on Barr, but House Democrats may jump at the invitation to start another politically motivated investigation.

Barr has stood up to this criticism time and again because he knows one fact: The law is on his side.

It is not the Republicans or conservatives that are bending and twisting laws to regain power right now. The Democrat-led impeachment effort and War Powers Resolution are perfect examples of that.

If the NYC Bar Association wants to point to bias and impartiality, how do they explain Barr’s refusal to indict former FBI director James Comey or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?

As a matter of fact, Barr just recently closed an investigation into Hillary Clinton over her business dealings even despite obvious signs of misconduct over her years as Secretary of State.

In fact, Barr did not become a target of the left until he tied himself to the Trump administration. Up until that point, Barr was considered one of the most respected legal minds in the country, worthy of a Supreme Court nomination.

Now, simply because he is supporting the draining of the DC Swamp and backing up Trump when Trump is right, Dems and liberals consider him to be a criminal.

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