Bannon: House Republicans secretly want Trump to lose

 April 23, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Steve Bannon, the former campaign manager for Donald Trump who is now a podcaster on Real America's Voice, is hammering House Republicans, claiming they secretly wish the former president to lose to Joe Biden in the 2024 election.

On his "War Room" podcast Monday, Bannon scorched House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan for failing to investigate Trump's prosecutors.

"Why is Jordan, why does he not have a criminal conspiracy investigation from Fani Willis in Georgia to 'Big Tish James' in New York City?" Bannon railed.

"The Justice Department, why they've not been sent letters – 'Preserve your documents.' Why have hearings not gone on? Why have they not broken these things up? You know why. Because they don't have Trump's back.

"They want MAGA to go away. They want Trump to be defeated in November. Yes, yes, I know I said the quiet part out loud."

Bannon continued: "Let's go on the offense, Jim Jordan. No, don't go on 'Hannity' and tell me everything you are gonna do and send some tweets. That's all, that's all performative. Nothing's happening to back President Trump. Nothing. If you got War Room you got a couple of other shows besides that it's total crickets. Nothing's happening to support President Trump. Let me repeat that. Nothing."

"A thirty-front war intensifies today because we are fighting everywhere to save this Republic. From the tip of Manhattan, and just remember, the Ukrainian flags, the slobbering over 'Polypockets' [House Speaker Mike] Johnson where this Churchill moment -- the Ukrainian flags, what's happening up at Columbia and MIT and Yale, and what's happening in lower Manhattan -- it's all part of a same piece. In the fog of war, the most important thing is to look with total clarity and understand who your enemy is and where the points of attack are. 'Cause this is all of a piece."

On Monday, Trump made a brief statement upon entering his so-called "hush money" trial in New York, saying New York would suffer a massive loss in business and residents as people fled the Empire State based on his treatment there.

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