Bannon reveals FBI launched ‘Gestapo tactic’ raids to serve subpoenas on dozens of prominent Trump supporters

If President Joe Biden’s administration wanted to convince the American people that the FBI investigation and likely impending indictment of former President Donald Trump aren’t politically motivated targeting of a partisan opponent, they have failed miserably in that regard.

On the same day that former Trump adviser Steve Bannon was indicted and perp-walked in New York over an alleged fraud case, Bannon revealed that around 35 other prominent “MAGA” supporters were raided by the FBI to serve search warrants and subpoenas, the Republican Daily reported.

Bannon’s claim was later confirmed by conservative attorney Harmeet Dhillon, who told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that at least three of her clients had been visited by the FBI, and images of the purported subpoenas issued have begun to appear on social media.

FBI launched coordinated raids to deliver subpoenas

Bannon made his revelation while speaking with Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk this week and said, “There were 35 FBI raids yesterday” against “senior members of MAGA, Republican supporters of Donald Trump,” as well as that a new grand jury focused on the Jan. 6 Capitol riot of 2021 had been empaneled.

He noted that the unnecessary raids — the subpoenas could have been served uneventfully to attorneys — were intended to not only intimidate the recipients with “Gestapo tactics” but also ultimately to bankrupt and deplatform them through “financial terrorism” and “lawfare.”

FBI raids confirmed by attorney

Later in the evening, during Dhillon’s appearance on Carlson’s Fox News show, she not seemed to confirm what Bannon had said but also appeared to suggest that the media had been tipped off prior to the raids, as a reporter had actually been asking around days earlier if the “50, approximately, search warrants and subpoenas” had been delivered yet.

She said three of her clients had been served with search warrants or “extremely broad” subpoenas that sought all communications within a several-month period related to “dozens of people” and topics like “alternate electors, fundraising around irregularities around the election,” and a pre-Jan. 6 rally in Washington D.C.

“Most of this activity, if not all of it, is protected by the First Amendment,” Dhillon said, “and the U.S. Department of Justice is telling reporters about these search warrants and subpoenas before they are executed.” She went on to say these actions were an “outrageous abuse” intended to “instill fear” in Biden’s political opponents ahead of the election, which Carlson lamented would “wreck the country” if not checked.

This is wholly un-American

As should be crystal clear by now, President Biden has essentially declared open war on his political opposition and is using the DOJ and FBI as his army to target and take out through legal, legal-ish, and otherwise tactics, as evidenced by the Aug. 8 raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence and these subsequent actions against prominent officials who support the former president.

This is beyond disturbing and is entirely antithetical to the American way, and it is unclear just how far Biden and his lackeys are willing to go with these Banana Republic-style authoritarian efforts to intimidate and oppress and silence dissent against them.

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