Bank CEO resigns after admitted she leaked private info about Nigel Farage

July 27, 2023
Ryan Ledendecker

The British banking world experienced high drama this week after the chief executive of NatWest Bank tendered her immediate resignation Wednesday morning. 

According to Breitbart, the sudden resignation came in the wake of a several-week-long saga regarding the attempted debunking of Brexit leader Nigel Farage.

Alison Rose, chief executive of the powerful banking institution, resigned after admitting that she was behind a leak to the BBC containing private information regarding Farge.

The BBC has also apologized to Farage for the scandalous development that has resulted in a major victory for the Brexit leader.

"Serious error"

Rose admitted that she made a "serious error of judgment" in discussing Farage's -- a customer of the bank -- private information with a BBC journalist.

Breitbart noted "that she had only inadvertently allowed the journalist to come away 'with the impression that the decision to close Mr Farage’s accounts was solely a commercial one.'"

Rose quit even after the bank’s chairman, Sir Howard Davies, said in a statement that he and the officers had "full confidence" in the CEO to continue her job.

Less than 24 hours later, Howard released another statement addressing her resignation.

"The board and Alison Rose have agreed, by mutual consent, that she will step down as CEO of the NatWest Group. It is a sad moment. She has dedicated all her working life so far to NatWest and will leave many colleagues who respect and admire her," Howard wrote.

Social media reacts

The 5-week drama has gained massive attention online, with Farage, an ally of former President Donald Trump, garnering support from many.

One Twitter user wrote, "Sorry? Oh whoops. Accidentally released false information to the media about a client Having one of those days..."

Breitbart noted:

Responding to the development, Nigel Farage reflected that it was clear the basic principles of protecting client confidentiality in banking, as well as UK law were broken in his case and the resignation was the inevitable outcome of that. He said the statement by Dame Alison last night that she had only inadvertently leaked to the BBC was an attempt to “lie her way out of it”.

Only time will tell if more of those targeting Farage find themselves out of a job.

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