‘Jackass’ star Bam Margera reportedly hospitalized on a ventilator with pneumonia and COVID-19

Former professional skateboarder Bam Margera rose to fame as part of MTV’s “Jackass” series in which he and his friends performed ill-advised and often risky stunts and practical jokes.

Now Margera is reportedly fighting for his life in a hospital on a ventilator, not because of anything to do with the show but rather because of a diagnosis of pneumonia and COVID-19, the Western Journal reported.

The health issues are particularly concerning given the star’s admitted problems over the years with drug and alcohol abuse that, for some people, can make recovery from ailments like these more difficult and less likely.

Pneumonia and COVID

TMZ was the first to report on Friday that Margera had been hospitalized earlier in the week at a hospital in San Diego for a “serious case” of pneumonia that had been further complicated by COVID-19.

According to unnamed sources, that combination resulted in Margera being placed on a ventilator in the Intensive Care Unit, though he was described as being in “stable” condition at that time.

Just one day after that report, however, Margera’s family posted a brief statement to the star’s official Instagram account to give an update on his health situation.

“Bam was recently hospitalized. Fortunately, he is now testing negative for COVID and receiving care for pneumonia. Bam is on the road to recovery and thankfully will be discharged soon. We ask and thank you for your positive prayers,” the family said.


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In and out of rehab for drug and alcohol addictions

In separate but related news, the New York Post’s Page Six reported on the 43-year-old film and TV star’s troubled history with drug and alcohol abuse and the fact that he has been in and out of rehab for his addictions this year.

Margera reportedly attempted to escape rehab centers on multiple occasions in both June and September, and there were reports in August that his family had been granted a request for a temporary healthcare guardian to watch over him.

The TMZ report cited sources who claimed that an attorney friend had helped Margera skip out early on a court-ordered rehab stint and that the star has prompted concern among his family and friends over his immediate return to the partying lifestyle that enables his addictions.

As for the alleged “conservatorship” placed on Margera by the appointment of a temporary healthcare guardian, that also spurred a so-called “Free Bam” movement among his fans that called for him to be released and reportedly even resulted in death threats against the appointed guardian and Margera’s family.

Mental health issues and a troubled marriage

Meanwhile, Page Six further noted that Margera had previously informed his fans that, in addition to his drug and alcohol addictions — or perhaps even a contributor to them — he had also been diagnosed with manic bipolar disorder.

All of those issues and then some likely led to Margera’s wife, Nicole Boyd, whom he married in 2017, filing in court in September last year for full custody of their 4-year-old son Phoenix.

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