Baltimore streets awash in blood after violent weekend

The city of Baltimore is a prime example of how Democrat control has wreaked havoc on a once-great city.

What happened this weekend in Baltimore is typical, but tragic: a dozen people were shot, five of whom succumbed to their injuries, according to Breitbart.

The Democrat Rule

The violence broke out on Saturday morning and continued throughout the day, resulting in the death of a 28-year-old woman in East Baltimore, three women aged 23 to 28, and a 37-year-old man. Seven others were shot as well, but all have survived.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said of the carnage: “It goes without saying that the level of violence in the city yesterday was deeply disturbing and deeply troubling.”

When you look at the mayors of the major cities in this country, there is always a “D” after their name. Philadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, New York, and Dallas all boast Democrat mayors, and every one of these cities has a problem with out-of-control murder rates.

The city of Dallas used to be one of the safest major cities in this country. Now, the city has a Democrat mayor, a Democrat district attorney, and a police chief that was flown in from Detroit.

Suddenly, Dallas goes from one of the lowest murder rates for a big city in the country to one of the highest. In fact, by late December 2019, the city was threatening to hit an all-time high in murders for the year.

Baltimore is no different. Outside of the tourist areas, much of the city has is plagued by high rates of violent crimes. Baltimore annually has more murders than New York City, yet it is about 1/14 the size in population, and the city also garnered the dubious honor of claiming a new homicide rate record in 2019.

Philadelphia also had another outbreak of violence this weekend, with five shootings occurring in a matter of hours, claiming seven lives, according to a local ABC affiliate.

The media blackout

One of the reasons these problems never get addressed is because the media refuses to cover them.

There was an assassination threat against Trump this past week, but few, if any, of the mainstream media outlets picked up the story. Mass shootings occur every weekend in Democrat-controlled Chicago, but week after week, the casualties fail to make the headlines.

Because the rising rates of violent crimes in these cities cannot be blamed on Trump, the media is silent and chooses to keep the rest of the nation in the dark to protect their Democrat allies. What a shame.

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