Baltimore mayor caught on camera complaining about rats, abandoned houses

So the media does not want to bite on the fact Bernie Sanders called West Baltimore a Third World country, right?

Well, what about when the city’s own mayor is caught complaining about the smell of rodents, dead animals, and saying the city should “take all this s*** down?”

You Can’t Make This Up

When Donald Trump ripped the conditions in Baltimore, Democrats immediately went into full panic mode.  Nasty, racist Donald Trump was attacking a Democrat of color and proving to the entire world he is a racist, they said.

But when Bernie Sanders 2015 “Third World country” comments resurfaced, those remarks were pretty much brushed off by everyone in the Democratic Party.

News media outlets concentrated on Trump using the word “infested,” implying minorities were nothing but rodents.

As it turns out, Trump’s words had more fact than fiction — and we are not talking about the bogus narrative that Trump insinuated minorities are vermin. The streets of Baltimore are teeming with literal rats.

Truth in Words

In September 2018, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh was touring different parts of her city. Now, there are some beautiful places in Maryland and throughout Baltimore, but there are also some horrific areas.

It is the latter where the cameras were rolling and caught comments by Pugh that vindicate everything Trump said.

While walking through one particularly bad area of Baltimore, Pugh stated, “What the hell? We should just take all this shit down. Whoa, you can smell the rats.”

That, my friends, is not right-wing spin, but an actual quote from Pugh at the time. Don’t believe it? There’s video to prove it.

One cannot help but have empathy for the people of this city knowing full well their representatives have failed them. Crime has run rampant, forcing people out of neighborhoods that are then taken over by gangs and drug dealers.

Many of the homes pictured in the video are used as flophouses for homeless and drug houses for dealers and users alike. That is the real Baltimore that Trump was referring to — and it is the one for which Rep. Elijah Cummings needs to answer.

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