Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh asked to resign

Catherine Pugh, the anti-Trump Democrat mayor of Baltimore, is deeply embedded in a major scandal after she was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for selling her children’s books to businesses that stood to benefit by her decisions as mayor.

Between the scandal and an illness that has kept her out of the office, the local city council is asking Pugh to resign.

The Book Controversy

Pugh’s legal problems are centered around her “Healthy Holly” series of children’s books, which are reportedly self-published and riddled with typos.

Reportedly, Pugh did not divulge her connection to the book or the dealings she has with various businesses that also do business with the city.

State prosecutors are currently investigating Pugh and there has been both a public and private push to get her out of office.

The last thing Baltimore can afford right now is a scandal, so even Democrats in city government are encouraging Pugh to step down.

However, Pugh says she will be returning to office once she recovers from pneumonia.

Pugh is currently on an indefinite leave of absence to focus on her recovery.

Step Down

City Council members believe the Pugh controversy is not allowing the city to move forward.

Several members stated it seems like everywhere they go, residents want to know what is going to happen to the Mayor regarding this scandal.

As the investigation continues, Council members issued a formal request to the mayor, stating, “We urge you to tender your resignation, effective immediately.”

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