Major issues with mail-in ballots in New York, Nevada vindicate Trump’s concerns about vote-by-mail

President Donald Trump has taken a lot of flak for his outspoken opposition to Democrats’ push for mail-in voting this November.

But recent news out of New York and Nevada only vindicates the president’s claims that vote-by-mail creates a breeding ground for disorganization and fraud.

Ballots disqualified

On Thursday, Fox News reported that more than 84,000 mailed-in ballots in New York City’s recent Democratic primary were disqualified for a variety of reasons — not all of which were the fault of the voters whose ballots were ultimately tossed.

Citing data released by the NYC Board of Election (BOE), Fox reported that slightly more than 403,000 ballots were received by mail as part of the June 23 primary election. But according to the BOE’s certified results — which came roughly six weeks later — less than 319,000 ballots were actually counted.

Indeed, roughly 21% of the ballots received by mail in NYC — 84,108, to be exact — were disqualified or invalidated, either for arriving after the deadline, for failing to include proper postage or the voter’s signature, or for a host of other mistakes.

Aside from Trump’s concerns about potential fraud, this sure makes it look like election officials and the U.S. Postal Service are nowhere near prepared to process millions of mail-in ballots this November. After all, New York couldn’t even handle a few hundred thousand.

And things in Nevada weren’t much better.

Trouble in Nevada

Breitbart reported that a review of Clark County, Nevada’s primary election on June 9 showed that more than 223,000 mail-in ballots sent to registered voters were bounced back through the USPS as “undeliverable” — meaning those registered voters never even received their ballot to cast a vote by mail.

According to Breitbart, the 223,469 “undeliverable” mail-in ballots constituted roughly 17% of the more than 1.3 million sent out to all registered voters in the county, which includes the city of Las Vegas.

Further highlighting just how bad of an idea mass mail-in voting is — and how stark the potential for fraud is — the review also revealed that, of those “undeliverable” ballots, approximately 58% were destined for “inactive” voters, including those who had died or moved. The other 42% were sent to “active” voters who likely wanted to participate, but couldn’t because their ballot never arrived, Breitbart noted.

The bottom line

Bear in mind: these are merely two quick snapshots of the results of hurried attempts to institute universal mail-in voting in two heavily populated areas — and there is little denying that these experiments were unmitigated disasters.

Trump is right to be concerned about a similar occurrence in November. The future of the country is at stake here — and we can’t afford to take any chances.

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