Alec Baldwin targets Trump, accidentally hits Clinton while teasing presidential run

With more than 20 individuals already declared — or known to be on the verge of declaring — a run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020, it seems as though a new candidate with visions of defeating President Donald Trump emerges every week or so.

The latest person to tease a potential presidential run is actor Alec Baldwin, but in announcing his consideration of a run he managed to accidentally take a rather brutal shot at failed Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

Baldwin teases run for presidency

Using the Twitter account of the charitable organization he runs with his wife, the Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Foundation, the Trump-hating actor asked his social media followers if they would support him in a bid for the presidency.

Baldwin tweeted his electoral trial balloon together with a not-so-veiled dig at the current occupant of the Oval Office.

It was the final portion of that tweet — the suggestion that “beating Trump would be so easy” — that served as an inadvertent online knockout blow to Clinton, as she quite obviously found out firsthand in 2016 that it really isn’t “so easy” to beat Trump.

Clinton and her many acolytes and sycophants in the liberal media and political establishment mistakenly shared the same view as Baldwin in 2016 and likewise thought it would be “easy” to defeat Trump, but they ultimately learned just how wrong they were.

Message received from followers

It would seem that Baldwin didn’t learn that lesson from 2016, but he may well have received the message loud and clear from his informal poll of the Twitterverse, as thousands upon thousands of commenters made it abundantly clear — either with direct “No, don’t run” or sarcastic “Yes, please run” replies — that his idea of a presidential run was a non-starter.

In a follow-up tweet to his initial post, Baldwin jocularly remarked on the helpfulness of the responses in cutting down on the need for formal pollsters.

Indeed. Why hire polling professionals and pay them millions of dollars when the denizens of Twitter can tell you exactly what they think for free?

It seems highly unlikely that Baldwin, who is having minor career resurgence with his terrible impersonation of Trump on Saturday Night Live, will actually run for president, but given how crazy the 2020 primary season is already shaping up to be, there’s really no telling one way or the other.

One thing that is certain, though, is that if Baldwin does decide to run for president, he will find out — just like Clinton did — that beating Trump is not nearly as easy as one might presume.

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