Actor Alec Baldwin claims Trump threatened his safety

After actor Alec Baldwin portrayed President Donald Trump in yet another mocking Saturday Night Live skit, the president is finally hitting back.

President Trump’s tweets about SNL and the “corrupt media” apparently scared Baldwin, who accused the president of threatening his family’s safety.

Trump followed that up with another shot at the mainstream media, calling it the “THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.”

Baldwin is now claiming Trump may have put his and his family’s welfare at risk with that tweet.

Good for the Goose…

Baldwin and the entire cast of Saturday Night Live have taken shot after shot at Trump.

Now, political satire is nothing new, but both Baldwin and SNL have taken it to a completely different level. The show has crossed the line on several occasions by mocking the First Lady’s accent and even more so by making fun of Barron Trump, the president’s youngest son.

Additionally, Baldwin has regularly made inflammatory statements about Trump in his personal life. Knowing Trump, it was only a matter of time before he started to fight back against Baldwin.

Ridiculous Claim

Baldwin and the media have jumped all over specific words stated by Trump, like “retribution.”

Trump clearly is talking about holding the media accountable for the stories it publishes. Furthermore, it would be nice to see somewhat equal time for both conservative and liberal ideology on TV. That is not the case, though.

Save for Fox News and one or two conservative shows, virtually everything else on TV and in the movies is a liberal viewpoint. Trump and conservatives, in general, find themselves under constant attack during nightly TV shows, talk shows, the news, and movies.

Hollywood and the media fill viewers’ heads with nothing but anger and hate for anyone and anything with a conservative value.

They take it a step further by lumping conservatives in with radical neo-Nazi groups while pretending groups like ANTIFA and BLM are peaceful activists.

The hypocrisy on the left just never seems to end.

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