Bakery owner fighting state's anti-Christian bigotry

 January 19, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Even though the U.S. Supreme Court already has ruled against state demands for a business operator to violate her Christian faith to run her business, California is continuing its campaign against Christian baker Cathy Miller.

State officials are attacking Miller because as a Christian, operating a bakery, she declined to use her artistry to create a cake celebrating a same-sex duo.

The fight has been going on for years already, and just last year a judge on the Superior Court ruled Miller cannot be forced to design a wedding cake that violates her sincere religious beliefs, but the state that has produced the likes of leftist Kamala Harris for public life appealed to a higher court.

Miller, helped by Becket, has just filed her response to the state's latest assault.

WND reported last year on the Supreme Court precedent when a ruling blasted Colorado for its attack on 303 Creative and its owner.

The justices banned the state of Colorado from picking and choosing its leftist ideology and requiring business owners from a state that was their own.

The result, the second time in a row that the state of Colorado has been caught, and scolded, for its "hostility" to Christianity, now should be applied to other similar cases, according to ADF.

In 303 Creative, the justices said the right to free speech means Colorado's leftist governor, Jared Polis, and the state Democrat machine there, could not require Lorie Smith, a web designer, to promote same-sex weddings with her website business.

Earlier, the justice blasted Colorado for its actual "hostility" to Christian baker Jack Phillips in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case. That followed one state official likening Christians to Nazis.

Becket reported the origins of the attack on Miller.

"Cathy Miller wants to continue serving her local Bakersfield community at her bakery, Tastries, a vision she brought to life over a decade ago. However, California opened an investigation into Miller after she explained to a same-sex couple that her faith did not allow her to design their wedding cake. For over six years, California has repeatedly compared Miller’s religious beliefs about marriage to racism and argued that Miller’s beliefs harm 'the dignity of all Californians.' Because of the lawsuit, Miller and her staff have lost contracts, received death threats, and faced repeated sexual harassment.," the legal team confirmed.

"As a faithful Christian and owner of Tastries Bakery in Bakersfield, California, Cathy Miller has custom-designed baked goods for over a decade. Miller believes that her bakery is 'God’s business,' her bakery’s mission statement is to 'honor God in all that we do,' and her Baptist faith influences everything from the Bible verses she puts on her business cards to the music she plays in the shop."

She also bans from her products "gory or pornographic images," celebrations of drug use, or messages that demean others.

"My faith calls me to serve others with joy and compassion, and Tastries has been my way of answering that call since I opened its doors over a decade ago," she said in a statement released by her lawyers.

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