Bret Baier: Mueller report is a ‘complete win’ for President Trump

Our long national nightmare, or at the very least one key aspect of it, is finally over. When Special Counsel Robert Mueller submitted his final report to Attorney General William Barr on Friday, all of the media began to anxiously await the release of that report — or at least the summary of topline findings Barr promised to deliver once he had time to conduct a review.

That wait ended Sunday afternoon with the release of Barr’s summary, which revealed there was no evidence of collusion between President Donald Trump with Russia — nor was there sufficient evidence to support charges of obstruction of justice — an outcome that Fox News anchor Bret Baier called a “complete win” for President Trump.

Complete win

Speaking with hosts Ed Henry and Dana Perino, who were providing special coverage of the breaking news on the Mueller report, Fox’s chief political anchor Baier said, “First of all, let’s just pause — this is stunning.”

“After 675 days, after a country has been through — obsession, really — of this case, and non-stop coverage, this is the conclusion, that no American conspired or worked with Russia to alter the 2016 election, that the president and his campaign did not have any ties to that action,” he said.

“Think about all of the things that have been said and speculated and talked about. This is a moment that is a complete win for President Trump,” Baier stressed. Take a look:


Baier noted that there remained some minor questions regarding possible obstruction of justice by Trump, but pointed out that Barr had written previously that “in order for obstruction of justice to be a crime, there has to be an underlying crime, misdeed, that leads to it.

They are saying that was not found,” and therefore doesn’t really apply to the president in this case.

He further noted his certainty that congressional Democrats would try to make something of the potential obstruction issue, but seemed to doubt how effective that would be.

“It is stunning, these sentences here, that are completely saying that the Trump campaign and the president — it’s a vindication,” said Baier.

Baier pointed out that — up until that point, more since that moment — President Trump had stated or tweeted the phrase “no collusion” at least 231 times, and said, “This is the 232nd time, and it comes from the special counsel.”

Good news for all of America

Perino pointed out that the good news for Trump was in fact good news for the entire country, as the summary revealed that efforts by Russia to collude with the Trump campaign had been rebuffed, to which Baier replied: “It’s a win for America, really — it’s not partisan to say that. If you are left or right you should be happy that this is the conclusion, that there is not someone in America who conspired with Russia to alter the 2016 election.”

Baier concluded by noting how “definitive” and thorough Mueller’s investigation had been, something which leaves little, if any, room for Democrats to continue to try to pursue the debunked Russian collusion narrative any further.

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