Bret Baier calls out Democrats for banning Fox News from hosting debates

Fox News anchor Bret Baier has broken from form to rip the DNC for not allowing Fox News to host a Democrat primary debate.

Baier accused the Democratic National Committee of having “Fox derangement syndrome” in a recent appearance on the network and asserted that Fox News does go after Republicans when it is called for, contrary to what the DNC has claimed.

Fox Derangement Syndrome

The move by DNC chairman Tom Perez to ban Fox News from the debate circuit stunned everyone. While Fox News has always been considered a more conservative network by the Democrats, liberals are also given a platform on the network.

In fact, one of Fox News’ main anchors is clearly liberal: Shepard Smith. Additionally, The Five, a show that is often among the highest rated shows in its timeslot, features leftist Juan Williams.

In addition to Baier, who has proven that he doesn’t always side with the GOP and who did an exceptional job during debates, there is also Chris Wallace, who is lauded by virtually everyone in the news industry.

This apparently means little to the DNC’s Perez, though, as he is succumbing to the will of the far left. But Bret Baier isn’t having it.

“There is a disconnect here,” Baier lamented. “There is a bit of Fox derangement syndrome with a section of the left.”

Take a look:

Tough, But Fair

To say that Baier was highly disappointed would be a massive understatement. Baier believes Fox News has proven it hosts tough, but fair debates over the years.

The host also said that Fox News has gone after Republicans when they are doing wrong by the people. Sadly, though, the loudest voices claiming Fox News is biased are the people who never actually watch the network.

The DNC does not seem to comprehend that there are two distinct sides to Fox News’ programming: news and opinion. These aren’t interchangeable.

By not allowing Fox News to host a debate, Democrats are knowingly alienating millions of voters from seeing their candidates. This is nothing short of censorship by the Democrat Party.

Ultimately, while the DNC thinks it is protecting its candidates, it is hurting them significantly. But hey, it’s their loss.

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