Mexican authorities discover 18 trash bags of human remains in Guadalajara, suspected victims of cartel violence

A gruesome discovery was recently made in the Mexican state of Jalisco and it’s likely just the latest carnage of the drug cartel wars that have ravaged the nation for years.

Mexican authorities reportedly found 18 trash bags full of severed human body parts in a shallow grave near a major soccer stadium in the city of Guadalajara, Breitbart reported.

It remains unknown at this time exactly how many human bodies were contained in the trash bags but an investigation has been launched into the incident.

Mass grave discovered

According to a press release from the Jalisco Attorney General’s Office, the discovery initially occurred when a group of local police officers on patrol near Akron Stadium found a severed human leg on the street.

Federal authorities were quickly summoned and a search of the area soon turned up a shallow grave beneath a nearby overpass where the 18 trash bags full of body parts were located.

Breitbart noted that this apparent mass grave is but the latest of several that have been found in just the past few months in Jalisco, which is nominally controlled by a particularly ruthless Mexican drug cartel known as the Jalisco Cartel New Generation.

According to the Associated Press, Mexican authorities found a massive unmarked grave in the town of El Salto, which is just outside of Guadalajara, that reportedly contained 113 bodies as well as the remains of an unknown number of additional human bodies.

Thousands missing in cartel wars

In just 2020 alone, a total of 189 dead bodies had been recovered in that one small town outside of Guadalajara.

Those bodies were almost certainly victims in the ongoing cartel wars for dominance in Jalisco and other parts of Mexico, a “war” that has been raging almost non-stop since 2006.

In all, at least 80,000 people have been reported as missing in that time, the vast majority presumed to have been casualties in the incessant battles between rival cartel factions and government forces for control.

It was just in December when a team of hitmen, undoubtedly part of a cartel, assassinated the former governor of Jalisco in an upscale bar in the tourist area of the city of Puerto Vallarta, even as the ex-official was surrounded by personal bodyguards and police officers, Breitbart reported.

Sadly, the internecine cartel wars show no signs of stopping anytime soon, and, unfortunately, there will likely be more stories of assassinations and mass graves just south of the U.S. border.

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