Bagram Air Base quickly taken by Taliban forces after Afghan troops surrender

A former American military airfield is now in the hands of the terrorist group known as the Taliban.

According to Breitbart, as of Sunday morning, the former U.S. Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, where thousands of terrorist prisoners have been held by U.S and allied forces, was surrendered to the Taliban by Afghan troops after they managed to retake the entire, war-torn nation in a matter of roughly 10 days. 

Bagram’s history

The U.S. military has maintained a presence in Afghanistan ever since the Sept. 11 attacks nearly 20 years ago. Throughout the past 20 years, American troops have been stationed at Bagram Air Base, which is located in eastern Afghanistan.

Bagram Airfield was initially built by the Soviet Union in the 1950s, and Soviet troops occupied the base until its forces withdrew from the country in 1989. When America entered Afghanistan in 2001, it took control of the base, and it became perhaps the most important military transportation hub within the entire nation.

During the height of military activity at Bagram, which was around 2012, over 100,000 U.S. and NATO troops passed through the base.

This all changed, however, with the United States’ recent rapid withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Along with the troop withdrawal, the U.S., in July, handed over control of Bagram Air Base to the mismanaged, corrupt Afghanistan government. Now, the base is firmly in the hands of the Taliban.

What happened?

The Taliban, a little over a week ago, began an offensive to take control of the entirety of Afghanistan. Over the weekend they achieved their goal, entering Kabul and claiming the capital city. In the process, the Tablian took control of Bagram Air Base, and it doesn’t appear to have been difficult for the terrorist forces.

Reports indicated that Afghan troops quickly surrendered the airbase to the Taliban. Defending their decision to surrender the valuable asset, Afghan troops claim that U.S. forces left them during the night without warning them of their departure.

Whatever the case may be, the strategic airbase is now in the hands of the Taliban, and one of the group’s first moves was to release thousands of terrorist prisoners that have been detained there for years.

The base had a prison that housed roughly 5,000 inmates, mostly Taliban and Islamic State terrorists. Video has been released showing the prisoners walking away from the airbase prison after being freed by Taliban leadership.

With the Taliban back in control of Afghanistan and with the Biden administration leading America, the world is, once again, becoming a much more dangerous place.

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