Bad news for Biden: Key state independents blame HIM for economic disaster

November 5, 2023
World Net Daily

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Joe Biden's policies have allowed inflation that at one point reached a stunning 9.1%.

Energy prices have exploded because of his attacks on the nation's energy industry. Housing has skyrocketed because of surging interest rates – the highest in decades, and bureaucratic rule changes. Food prices are up by huge numbers.

These all are products of the "Bidenomics" about which he brags.

But a new commentary by former Trump senior adviser Steve Cortes, president of the League of American Workers, at Real Clear Wire reveals that this issue very likely could be the cause for Biden's downfall in 2024.

He noted that four key battleground states, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, and North Carolina, very well could decide the presidency as well as control of Congress in that vote.

But in those states, 77% of voters say America is on the wrong track. Only 17% are optimistic, according to his organization's policy.


"Mainly, the economy. North Star Opinion Research surveyed 800 respondents and found that Biden’s approval of the economy in battleground states is a mere 39%, with 57% disapproving. Among independents, the numbers were even more dismal, with a scant 9% reporting 'strong approval' of Biden on the economy and a whopping 48% registering 'strong disapproval.'"

He explained, "Voters clearly understand their tough economic slog and place blame squarely upon Biden and his allies."

He noted, "In fact, in separate polling from Gallup going back seven decades, Republicans have never before enjoyed a larger edge on the primary issue of the day, the economy. Combining that survey with this new LAW poll in battleground states, the harsh reality of economic anxiety becomes clearer, especially for citizens of modest means."

He pointed out that in those four states, "Fully 39% of voters said that 'Income Erosion' was a top concern regarding the effects of systemic, punishing inflation. Americans work harder to afford less, as evidenced by the crushing 24 straight months of declining real wages under Biden, meaning pay adjusted for the costs of the goods and services of life. "

Housing affordability, he said, "has never been worse" than now, under Biden, and, "fully 71% say government policy has contributed to this rise in rents, with 50% blaming government “a great deal."

As Biden's 2020 win was "by only 117,000 votes combined" in the four states, among a population of some 35 million, "turning out the base plus winning persuadable independents will provide the margin of victory.

"Our poll shows that swing state voters, especially non-partisan ones, blame Joe Biden for these economic woes," he said.

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