Judge Napolitano predicts bad days ahead for John Brennan

While James Comey has been garnering most of the media’s attention lately, John Brennan may be the one in danger for the most legal problems.

Fox’s Judge Andrew Napolitano notified fans that new information could land former CIA Director John Brennan behind bars for perjury.

Case for Perjury

According to reports, there is an email that went out from James Comey being referred to as the “crown” email.

In that email, Comey reportedly told staffers that then-CIA chief John Brennan demanded crown material be included in the intelligence assessment regarding Trump collusion.

The Steel dossier is believed to be among the crown material in the case. As such, Judge Napolitano believes John Brennan may have perjured himself.

The reason for this conclusion is that Brennan has already testified under oath he did not want the material included, nor did he use it in his intelligence assessment.

Someone is Lying

We know somebody is lying, it is just a matter of figuring out who. Comey is very crafty in what he did here.

There were likely numerous “materials” that would be included in the “crown materials.” By referring to them in whole, if that is in fact what this email says, Comey has protected himself rather well.

Brennan may actually be telling the truth in that he wanted all crown materials included except the Steele dossier.

However, the wording of the Comey email makes it sound quite different, purposely creating ambiguity over what Brennan agreed should be in the intelligence assessment.

Brennan’s camp has adamantly denied wanting the Steele dossier included, but Comey is the only one that has a paper trail right now.

We firmly believe that Comey is some facing serious legal repercussions, but this email may end up securing him some company in his federal cell.

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