Awful picture of Hillary Clinton surfaces online

Hillary Clinton’s recent appearance at Ozyfest is getting a lot of headlines — but they’re more for her outfit rather than what she said.

The failed presidential candidate showed up in what can best be described as a muumuu. See for yourself:

Something Must Be Wrong

There has been a trend in Hillary’s attire lately that is not being missed.

Regardless of the temperature of the day, she tends to wear loose clothing and is often overdressed for the weather.

We have seen her wear overcoats and scarves in July, and now a mumu at on outdoor festival.

The consensus seems to be that something is seriously wrong with her health.

The loose clothing, it is being surmised, is perhaps intended to hide some type of brace or medical gear Hillary is being forced to wear.

If she looks this bad after having lost the election, can you imagine what she would look like after having been in office for 18 months?

Most believe we would be saying President Kaine rather than President Clinton by now.

Not Giving Up

The election was decided more than 18 months ago, yet Hillary is still not giving up her pitch for the White House.

She continues to attack Trump on Twitter and will speak to anyone willing to give her a microphone.

She is also putting some dangerous misinformation out there about the Russians and Trump.

Her words are rooted in the truth, but she is manipulating facts to suit her agenda.

Having listened to her rant about the election for almost 45 minutes in this particular appearance, she makes it sound as though the Russians dictated the outcome of the election.

Yes, they did hack the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign.

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No, they were not able to change votes or impact the outcome of the election.

Sadly, though, those giving Hillary a platform to speak are not calling her out on any of the misinformation she is spreading.

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