Michael Avenatti says Trump should be indicted in Twitter tirade

Disgraced attorney Michael Avenatti is once again clamoring for the indictment of Donald Trump.

Avenatti believes then-candidate Trump committed two felonies and should be indicted. “Now.”

The Case

Avenatti’s tweet was inspired by an announcement by New York federal prosecutors.

The prosecutors alleged that President Trump directed Cohen to make payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal during the 2016 campaign season.

Both women claimed they had affairs with Trump and wanted hush money.

Cohen reportedly made a payment directly to Daniels, which Trump initially said he was unaware of.

However, it was later revealed Trump reimbursed Cohen for the payment — and that is the point Avenatti is focusing on. He is claiming Trump made the payment with campaign funds, which would be a campaign finance violation.

But that argument has been countered by Trump’s team, who claim that Trump made the payment with personal funds, not campaign funds.

Headline Hog

This is just Avenatti trying to become relevant again and nothing more.

His name quickly disappeared from the guest appearance list on liberal media outlets after he was charged with domestic violence.

Avenatti will now do anything he can to get his name back in the headlines, so there is very little anyone can trust right now that is actually coming out of his mouth.

His charges that Trump and his representatives knowingly lied to a judge could, if true, lead to serious legal problems for the president.

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But either way, Avenatti will not stop beating this drum — regardless of the facts.

Whether anything actually comes of this remains to be seen.

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