Michael Avenatti issues threat with the cameras rolling

As we speak, attorney Michael Avenatti’s world is crumbling down around him.

After being arrested this week on domestic violence charges, Avenatti appeared to blame Jacob Wohl, threatening, “If I was Jacob, I would not be sleeping well at night.”

Watch below:

Avenatti also tweeted:

Jacob Wohl

Wohl, a provocateur who styles himself on Twitter as “Head of the Most Well-Known Opposition Research Firm in the World,” was most recently in the news after being implicated in a scheme to accuse Special Counsel Robert Mueller of sexual misconduct.

After word of Avenatti’s arrest got out, Wohl sent out a message via Twitter on his personal account. “Michael Avenatti is innocent until proven guilty. Even though I disagree with him, I grant the presumption of innocence that he refused to grant to Justice Kavanaugh.”

However, the Twitter account for Surefire Intelligence — which appears to be a “front” linked to Wohl — also sent out a tweet:

The second tweet was obviously meant to taunt Avenatti, but Avenatti seems to think that Wohl somehow orchestrated his arrest.

Wohl denied sending the tweet from Surefire Intelligence’s account, saying, “I didn’t send that tweet.”

The Charges

Avenatti’s problems — which also include his law firm being evicted from its office over $213,000 in unpaid rent — are all of his own doing, though.

Stormy Daniel’s attorney, who is considering a run for president in 2020, was arrested for alleged domestic abuse on Wednesday.

The alleged victim, who has not yet been identified, had “red marks” on both of her cheeks as well as being “swollen and bruised,” according to TMZ. An LAPD spokesman confirmed that the victim has “visible injuries,” according to the AP.

Avenatti has denied everything, insisting that he has “never struck a woman.” He is free on $50,000 bail.

This case, if he is found guilty, will no doubt crush his political hopes.

Avenatti is due in court on December 5.


Laura Ingraham was quick to pounce on Avenatti’s problems, accusing Democrats of aligning themselves with “seedy figures – even if it means betraying the Democrats’ espoused values that would have actually advanced their cause.”

We would actually have to question exactly what the values of the party are.

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They clearly are not for protecting American citizens or our law enforcement officers.

Based on the troubles of Bill Clinton, Keith Ellison, and now Avenatti, it would appear some are not sincere about their professed desire to protect and believe women either.

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