Author: Chinese regime has ‘met its match’ in Trump administration

Tensions between China and the United States have undeniably escalated in recent weeks and months, with a number of factors likely to blame.

According to author and native Chinese scholar Helen Raleigh, some of the moves made by Donald Trump that have led to this strain prove that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has “met its match” in the president, as Fox News reports.

Standing strong on China

For quite some time, Democrats were blasting President Trump for not taking a tough enough stand against China, but then the administration slapped Beijing with a new round of sanctions on officials and companies contributing to the degradation of autonomy in Hong Kong as well as on the financial institutions that assist them, as the Wall Street Journal reported.

In turn, China vowed to impose retaliatory sanctions of its own, but the president was not to be deterred.

This week, the Trump administration kept putting heat on the regime, raiding the Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas.

The consulate was believed to be operating as a front for a spying operation, and shortly after the building was raided, Chinese officials were booted out of the facility.

When American officials went into the building, they found fires burning in the courtyard, an apparent effort by the Chinese to destroy sensitive documents before they could be seized, a typical protocol for an intelligence operation within a facility that is at risk.

CCP “has met its match”

According to Raleigh, the bottom line is that “The CCP believes the law of the jungle. ‘Might makes right.'”

“So the Trump administration is the first foreign administration the CCP ever met that also believes the law of the jungle and is not afraid to confront the CCP. The people in Trump’s administration are willing to bear those costs,” she argued.

Raleigh further stated, “We can see that from the consulate closure, they knew China would retaliate, but they are willing to take that risk that nobody else in the world is willing to take. So the CCP has finally met its match.”

For decades, China has walked all over this country, but the president has decided that the nation’s welfare can no longer remain on the back burner.

As Raleigh stated, the powers in Beijing are simply unaccustomed to anyone standing up to them, but Donald Trump has flipped the script and Chinas leaders are clearly stymied by the fact that they can no longer run roughshod over America.

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