Author JK Rowling Warns Women Threatened by Plan to Let Youngsters Choose their Sex

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Lawmakers in Scotland are considering the adoption of radical gender ideology, and famed Harry Potter author JK Rowling is warning that such a move would endanger women.

The plan being considered would let people, including children, simply choose whether they are male or female.

Rowling recently posted on social media an image of herself wearing a T-shirt with the statement: “Nicola Sturgeon – noun – destroy of women’s rights.”

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A report from the Christian Institute said the message focused on Scotland’s First Minister, who is working to push a plan to allow people as young as 16 years old to choose their legal sex.

The report noted it was the same day that the nation’s Equalities, Human Rights and Civil Justice Committee voted 5-2 to endorse the general principles of the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill, which would make changing legal sex much easier.

The lawmakers’ newest gender scheme to remove the need for medical evidence for someone to “change” sex, and also would cut the two-year waiting period to three months.

The activist organization called Mermaids has been promoting the move.

“Following the recent resignation of Mermaids trustee Dr. Jacob Breslow over revelations that he had promoted pedophilia, JK Rowling also blasted celebrities for enabling the pro-trans group to gain ‘unprecedented influence in the UK,'” the report said.

She had messages, on social media, “They’ve been allowed into classrooms, trained police, and had unprecedented influence over health policy, even though by their admission they aren’t a medical charity. We’ve also found out they’re sending devices to flatten breasts to underage girls” without parental consent.

Just days earlier, the Chrstian Institute said it was warning about the heartbreaking stories of those who jumped into the transgender lifestyle – and now regret their decision, with their attempts to return to their birth sex.

Deputy Director Simon Calvert had warned in an interview that it was untrue that the damage from puberty-blocking drugs is reversible, as LGBT activist Peter Tatchell had alleged.

Calvert said: “We need to hear from the voices of detransitioners, the people who have followed the Mermaids type line and deeply, deeply regret it, and can’t go back.”

The Institute reported the Charity Commission just weeks ago launched an investigation into Mermaids’ activities following revelations that the group had been sending chest binders to girls as young as 13 without their parent’s knowledge.

A report in the Independent said Rowling also posted on social media, “I stand in solidarity with @ForWomenScot and all women protesting and speaking outside the Scottish Parliament. #NoToSelfID.”


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