Author Douglas Murray slams VP Harris’ Munich security Conference appearance

Author Douglas Murray just roasted Vice President Kamala Harris’s handling of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

According to Fox News, Murray found Harris’s recent performance at the Munich Security Conference so uninspiring, that he was left wondering whether her strategy was to launch “boring verbal missiles to [Russian President] Vladimir Putin until he gave in.”

“Where to start?”

Murray’s comments came during a recent appearance on the Fox News Channel’s Fox and Friends. There, he commented on Harris’s appearance over the weekend in Munich, where a European security conference was held to discuss the ongoing Russia-Ukraine situation.

“It’s just astonishing,” Murray began. “I mean, the moment that the Biden administration said, ‘you know, we’re sending Kamala Harris to sort this out,’ you just sort of… where to start?”

Here’s where Murray started:

You know, she arrived at the Munich Security Conference on Sunday. Do you know what she said to her European counterparts? She said, “we’re looking here at the real possibility of war in Europe. And just think about that for a moment, guys. I mean, this is serious. This is a possibility of war in Europe, and we should stop and think about that.” Wow, Sherlock. How could we do without you? 

Murray went on to point out that this is “not even an insight,” that “it’s not even a banality.”

He continued:

I don’t know whether she was trying to bore her European counterparts or send these sort of boring verbal missiles to Vladimir Putin until he gave in. It doesn’t say anything. It doesn’t do anything. It’s just another banality. It does nothing to stop Vladimir Putin. 


It does now appear that the Biden administration’s strategy, to try to prevent a Russian invasion of Ukraine by threatening “severe” economic repercussions, has proven ineffective.

Putin has decided to recognize two areas of Ukraine to be independent, and he sent troops there, essentially claiming the territory. It’s not that big of a surprise because Putin already had some Russian troops there.

The Biden administration responded to this news by announcing new economic sanctions on Russia. It also suspended the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, after President Joe Biden reinstated it earlier in his presidency.

The Biden administration now believes that Russia will launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, nonetheless, believes there “still an opportunity to avert a major aggression.”

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