Audio: NYC Mayor’s Aide Admits Immigration ‘Crisis’ Bad ‘Optics’ for Biden

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

An aide to New York City Mayor Eric Adams was captured on audio in a Project Veritas undercover investigation admitting the record influx of illegal immigrants has become a catastrophe for the city and fearing “the optics” will become a political liability for President Biden.

And he expressed doubt the mayor is “capable enough to navigate it,” lamenting that the migrants transported from the southern border to the city have “flooded our system.”

The aide, part of Adams’ advance team, noted the approaching midterm elections.

“Frankly, I don’t know how much Biden is going to appreciate having a mayor be like, ‘Hey, you owe blue cities money because of this migrant crisis.’ Like, eventually that’s going to make Biden look bad,” he said.

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Baugh said it’s “a very perilous situation” for the mayor, “and I don’t know that Eric Adams is capable enough to navigate it.”

Earlier this month, Adams declared a state of emergency, calling the influx of illegal immigrants arriving from the border “unsustainable.”

The city, the mayor said, is facing a “situation where more people are arriving in New York City than we can immediately accommodate, including families with babies and young children.” He told reporters he needs both federal and state financial aid to handle the estimated $1 billion the illegal immigrants will cost the city this fiscal year.

The New York Post noted at the time that Adams put the blame “on everyone but himself and Gotham’s well-deserved reputation as a generous ‘sanctuary city’ for illegal immigrants.”

Unable to handle the record number of illegal immigrants since the Biden administration lifted policies that had curbed the flow, El Paso Democratic Mayor Oscar Leeser, and Republican Govs. Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron De Santis of Florida have been transporting migrants to “sanctuary” jurisdictions such as New York City and Chicago.

El Paso’s Democratic mayor was pressured by the White House to not declare a state of emergency in his city in response to the immigration crisis, fearing it would make Biden look bad, according to city officials who spoke to the New York Post.

The Adams aide, Baugh, told the Project Veritas undercover journalist the immigration crisis is “going to be the biggest test of [Adams’] political career, which is kind of wild being that he has been in office for nine months or 10 months now.”

The mayor’s press secretary, Fabien Levy, responded to the Project Veritas video.

“Time and again, Project Veritas has lied and spliced video to spin false narratives and deceive the American people,” Levy said. “No one has any reason to believe a word from an enterprise run by a convicted criminal and one that admitted to lying in an effort to even have a conversation with a member of our team.”

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