Purported leaked audio features Chinese military planners discussing preparations for invasion of Taiwan

There are legitimate concerns that the Chinese communist regime may eventually use military force against Taiwan — a small independent island off the coast of China that has proclaimed itself to be a sovereign democratic nation but which communist China views as a breakaway province of its own claimed territory.

The audio was purportedly leaked by a whistleblower this week of Chinese military planners discussing an invasion of Taiwan, but some expert analysts think the “leak” was actually a purposeful release of misinformation designed to gauge international reactions, the Daily Caller reported.

Is China planning an invasion of Taiwan?

Nearly an hour’s worth of audio was posted via a YouTube video on May 24 to a Chinese-language channel that reportedly featured top officials of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army discussing plans to “transition from normal status to war status” about Taiwan.

That video was subsequently analyzed by several experts on China and Taiwan, some of whom shared their analysis with the Daily Caller, including Jennifer Zeng, host of a YouTube show called “Inconvenient Truths.”

Zeng could not independently verify the authenticity of the video itself, but did note that many of the details mentioned throughout it checked out and made sense. “In that audio they mentioned quite a few names of factories, trains, companies. I checked all the names that they mentioned in the audio and matched them with the public record and they all match,” she said. “A factory they mentioned really produced drones and that sort of machinery. They knew what they were talking about.”

Her analysis indicated that the Chinese Army was making preparations in Guangdong province to send more than 140,000 troops and nearly 1,000 ships to invade Taiwan, as well as plans to mobilize Chinese citizens living overseas and to subdue potential civil unrest among the Chinese population.

A potential head fake?

Yet, an unnamed former senior official in the Trump administration suggested to the Daily Caller that the audio was likely “meant to intimidate” and noted that an invasion wouldn’t be launched from the region where the planners were, Guangdong, but from other provinces located closer to Taiwan.

The former official asserted, “A Taiwan invasion, pre-kinetic preparation, would be much, much larger in scale and we would have known.”

Likewise, expert analyst Steve Yates of the China Policy Initiative told the Daily Caller that it was “extremely unlikely” that the mobilization meeting’s audio had been an unauthorized leak and suggested instead that the regime had allowed it to be posted online on purpose.

“So we have to assume this content was meant to influence as much as inform,” Yates explained. “The CCP is now saying the quiet part out loud. The challenge for the U.S. and allies is that there is no way to discern between exercises meant to influence versus actual mobilization to attack.”

Biden said the U.S. would use the military to defend Taiwan from Chinese attack

Interestingly enough, that audio of that Chinese military planning meeting was posted just one day after President Joe Biden, during a press conference in Japan, had said “Yes” when asked by a reporter if he was willing to intervene militarily to defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion.

Whether the audio recording is authentic and the Chinese military is legitimately planning an invasion of Taiwan remains unknown, and the Daily Caller noted that both the Defense Department and U.S. Navy declined to respond when asked to comment on the developing situation.

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