Megyn Kelly’s audience laughs at Michael Cohen’s lawyer when he begs for money

Michael Cohen’s attorney, Clinton loyalist Lanny Davis, is trying to make Cohen out to be some type of martyr.

While making an appearance with Megyn Kelly, he asked people to donate to a fund to help Cohen … and he was laughed at.

Cohen’s Problems

The problems Michael Cohen got himself into are his own fault and no one else’s.

He is now trying to con people and using President Trump as a pawn in his scam.

Donald Trump had nothing to do with Michael Cohen hiding millions of dollars in income from his taxi cab business.

Donald Trump had nothing to do with Michael Cohen hiding debt so he could get a home loan.

Donald Trump had nothing to do with Michael Cohen’s unlawful corporate contributions.

Finally, Donald Trump had nothing to do with Cohen making an excessive campaign contribution (Trump stated he initially had no knowledge of the payment or the non-compete, but paid Cohen AFTER Cohen told him about it).

Cohen’s assets have been seized because he screwed up, not Donald Trump.

The Connection

Cohen and Davis are using that last charge as a way to attack Trump.

The excessive donation is because Cohen fronted the money for the Stormy Daniels payment, and possibly others.

The government has pursued a very slippery slope where this is concerned.

The wording in the plea was such that the monies were paid to prevent a negative story from coming out about Trump so as not to impact the upcoming election.

That payment, therefore, is looked at as a campaign contribution rather than a loan (since Trump stated he paid the money back to Cohen out of his personal funds, not campaign funds).

The Con

Cohen is now playing the martyr in the hopes he can dupe hard-working Americans out of their money.

The page to which Davis referred has a goal of $500,000 to “help” a millionaire attorney and his family.

Trust me, you can rest assured Cohen has millions socked away somewhere in a rainy-day fund.

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Amazingly, more than $150,000 has been raised so far.

You can bet 100 percent of that money is coming from liberals hoping Cohen will utter something, anything, even if it is made up, that will help remove Trump from office.

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