Attorneys call for Delphi judge to be removed in Richard Allen's murder case

 December 2, 2023

Attorneys for Richard Allen in the Delphi murder case are calling for the Indiana Supreme Court to remove the judge and reinstate his original attorneys.

The effort was noted in a letter to the court concerning the current judge's actions in the high-profile case.

The statement

"This writ is the only remedy. Any trial without Baldwin and Rozzi, Rick’s counsel of choice, would be merely for show. Only two lawyers can be ready for a speedy trial and carry out Rick’s well-developed trial strategy," Allen's attorneys wrote.

"And only one court can grant that relief: this Court. If action is not taken now, Rick’s trial will be delayed longer and even more public resources will be spent. But more importantly, the public’s trust in the judiciary will be permanently undermined while the world watches. An appeal is inadequate," they added.

A major leak

Last month, Indiana police arrested a man for allegedly leaking crime scene photos of the Delphi murder case online.

"Mitchell Westerman, 41, of Westfield, Indiana, has been charged with one count of conversion after he allegedly took photos of sensitive crime scene evidence related to the 2017 Delphi murders case - which were later leaked online," the Daily Mail reported.

"Westerman is a friend and former co-worker of attorney Andrew Baldwin, who, along with Brad Rozzi was accused Delphi killer Richard Allen's original defense team," it added.

A strange twist

"The original defense attorneys in the Delphi murders case, who claim they were forced to step down as Richard Allen’s lawyers, have filed paperwork to represent Allen pro bono if they are not reinstated as his public defenders," in October, according to Fox 59.

"At an Oct. 19 hearing, Judge Fran Gull announced to a packed courtroom that Andrew Baldwin and Bradley Rozzi were 'voluntarily withdrawing' from the case," following the leak.

The latest push now seeks to remove the judge involved, claiming the previous moves jeopardized the case.

It's one more part of a number of bizarre aspects in the deadly double murder case that has captured the attention of the nation as the case continues to unfold.

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