Attorney for George Floyd’s family ‘confident’ Chauvin will be convicted

After his death in police custody last May led to widespread protests, George Floyd is making headlines again amid the ongoing trial of former Minneapolis police office Derek Chauvin.

Benjamin Crump, an attorney for Floyd’s family, recently said that he was “confident” Chauvin would be convicted of charges related to the 46-year-old’s death, Breitbart reported.

“They’re blaming everybody else”

Crump revealed his prediction during a CNN interview on Friday. There, the lawyer indicated that he believed the case would continue its current trajectory throughout the remainder of the trial.

“Well, I think we’ve seen much of it,” he said of the prosecution’s strategy, insisting that defense attorneys are “here to distract us” by focusing on an angry crowd and other supposedly extenuating circumstances, according to Breitbart.

“And then they are saying, ‘Oh, it’s the paramedics’ fault,” Crump added. “They’re blaming everybody else. They’re saying, ‘Oh, the trace amount of drugs, his health condition.'”

Of course, even witnesses called on by prosecutors admitted that Floyd had more than a “trace amount of drugs” in his system at the time of his death.

Other experts testified that camera angles made it hard to tell how much of Chauvin’s weight was on Floyd’s neck during the arrest and that it is not altogether uncommon for officers to encounter suspects who resist even after they have been restrained.

“Broken my heart before”

As it stands, the prosecution’s case does not appear to be a slam dunk — and an acquittal for Chavuin would almost certainly create a renewed uproar across Minnesota and beyond.

Viral video footage of Chauvin restraining Floyd for roughly nine minutes — including several minutes after the suspect had apparently lost consciousness — appeared to be clear-cut evidence incriminating the officer.

New facts have shed additional light on the incident, but Floyd’s family and others maintain their belief that a jury will conclude Chauvin was responsible for the death.

Even though Crump held out hope that the former officer would be convicted, he noted that the possibility exists for a disappointing result for Floyd’s family.

“I am confident in my heart that there will be a conviction of Derek Chauvin being criminally liable for killing George Floyd, but the American legal system has broken my heart before,” he said, according to Breitbart.

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