Attorney accuses Jack Smith of 'highly irregular conduct' in his targeting of Trump

August 7, 2023
Robert Ayers

A top attorney has just accused Jack Smith - the special counsel who is targeting former President Donald Trump on behalf of the Biden regime - of engaging in "highly irregular conduct."

The accusation comes from Will Scharf, the Republican who is running to be the next attorney general of Missouri.

Scharf recently participated in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News. There, Scharf discussed the three indictments that have been brought against Trump.

But, here, we are going to focus on what Scharf had to say about the two cases that Smith has brought against Trump, including the most recent one that Smith, last week, brought against Trump in relation to the events of Jan. 6, 2021.

"Highly irregular conduct"

Scharf, during the interview, accused Smith of engaging in "highly irregular conduct" in his targeting of Trump.

In addition to the Jan. 6 case, the other case that Smith has brought against Trump regards Trump's alleged mishandling of classified documents. Here, Scharf said that Smith's case relies on testimony from one of Trump's attorneys - Evan Corcoran - and that the testimony appears to have been obtained in violation of the attorney-client privilege.

Scharf told Breitbart:

I think a fair court would deem that their rationale for breaching attorney client privilege was insufficient. A lot of that could easily fall away. It’s also worth noting the Jack Smith team has been accused of of serious misconduct, potentially criminal misconduct in their treatment of Walt Nauta’s lawyer Stanley Woodward.

Scharf goes on to repeat Woodward's claim that he was "extorted" by Smith's team. Woodward claims that they, among other things, threatened his job prospects.

Summing up, Scharf said, "Jack Smith and his team have engaged in what I would call highly irregular conduct in the pursuit of that case."

Trump would agree

Trump, himself, has certainly not kept his opinion of Smith a secret.

Trump, in fact, targeted Smith, once again, over the weekend.

On Truth Social, in all capital letters, Trump wrote:

Deranged Jack Smith and our highly partisan, and very corrupt, Department of Injustice, could have brought this Biden "opponent" case years ago, but chose to wait and bring it right in the middle of my election cmapaign. No Way!!! I hope you are watching America. Our country is being destroyed. Make America Great Again.

Trump, as demonstrated here, maintains that Smith is politically motivated - that he is weaponizing the U.S. justice system in an attempt to derail Trump's 2024 presidential campaign.

The bad news for Biden, the Democrats, and Smith is that, thus far, it has not been working. Trump, in fact, has only been gaining popularity in the polls as Smith has continued to target him.

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