Attempted assassination of Kenyan politician leaves driver dead

Political assassinations across the globe continue to dominate headlines.

The latest attempt was against Likuyani Member of Parliament (MP) Enock Kibunguchy.

Narrow Escape

The attack reportedly took place just as the MP was getting ready to leave the Highway Motel.

While on his way home, the MP decided to stop at the motel to eat.

The MP’s driver went downstairs first.

As he was starting the car, he was approached by someone and shot in the head.

The driver was instantly killed.

The quick-thinking manager of the property immediately turned off the lights in an effort to hide the MP.

From reports, it appears the assailants then panicked and looked to flee the scene as quickly as possible.

Authorities were then apparently called and took the MP to his residence.

Few details of the attack have been released as of yet, but we do know there is an investigation underway.

Who Did It

As stated above, local authorities believe gangsters were behind the attack.

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Kibunguchy, however, has already thrown blame at his political opponents.

As we have already seen several times in this part of the country, local criminals are using any means at their disposal to remove political figures that threaten their way of life.

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