Attack in Iraq leaves five Americans wounded, including one servicemember

President Joe Biden has been briefed following an attack in Iraq that killed one non-U.S. civilian contractor and wounded nine others, including five Americans, Politico reported.

The three 107 mm rockets that struck an Iraqi airbase Monday evening, wounding four American contractors and one American servicemember, appear to have been launched by a Shia militia group, according to Politico, citing a U.S. defense official. The official stated that it is too early to tell if the strike was connected to Iran.

This attack was the first on U.S. troops since Biden was sworn into office and the second since Biden won the election in November.

Biden and the White House have yet to issue a statement on the attack.

Situation worsening

Iran-backed militia groups targeted the U.S. embassy in Baghdad before Christmas, causing minor damage to the embassy compound and hitting nearby residential areas resulting in civilian casualties, the Daily Caller reported.

These recent attacks could indicate the forces in the Middle East are on the move following former President Donald Trump’s exit from office. To a great extent, Trump successfully maintained stability in the region and promoted peace.

With new management in charge of things, it seems that Iran and other renegade forces in the region are testing the waters on what Biden will allow.

Things were going so well under Trump that he was able to drop troop levels to the lowest levels in decades.

While it is fortunate that more people weren’t killed in the rocket attack, Biden’s next move will be more important, as he needs to find a way to ensure retribution without slowing down the removal of troops from Iraq.

Dangerous waters for Biden

Biden needs to act quickly to assuage any fears of the U.S. being further embroiled in Iraq.

After decades of war and failed nation-building, it is long past time to withdraw from the Middle Eastern nation. However, it is worth questioning if Biden truly believes in getting the U.S. out of the Middle East.

The actions of Iranian-connected militia groups shouldn’t slow down the exit of U.S. troops from Iraq, but these are new times in the Middle East. Trump is gone, and with his departure, the chances for real peace could be gone as well.

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