Atlanta Police Training Academy targeted in overnight nearby fire

July 2, 2023
Ryan Ledendecker

An ongoing investigation into a fire that broke out near a Georgia-based law enforcement training center revealed shocking developments over the weekend. 

According to the Washington Examiner, as local authorities responded at around 2:30 a.m. to a fire in a parking lot near the Atlanta Police Training Academy, they reportedly discovered "incendiary devices" in the parking lot.

Authorities found several motorcycles on fire as they responded to the fire near the police academy.

A local news affiliate reported that several Atlanta police officers were staged around the police academy following the fire, though it was unclear what prompted the staging other than the fire itself.

Possible motive

Independent journalist Andy Ngo reported via Twitter that the fire was an "attack" on the the police academy, and said that it was likely part of a planned op by anti-police activists.

"Incendiary devices were used to carry out an attack on an Atlanta police academy facility. The attack is likely part of the ongoing #StopCopCity 'week of action.' The domestic terrorism movement has been urging violent attacks on law enforcement," Ngo tweeted. 

ATLFireRescue tweeted a statement on the situation as it unfolded.

"Shortly before 2:20 AM, AFRD was dispatched to 180 Southside Industrial Parkway after reports of a multi-vehicle fire inside the parking deck. On arrival, firefighters found several motorcycles on fire. Firefighters quickly deployed a 1" 3/4 line to extinguish the flames. Upon achieving full extinguishment, firefighters discovered incendiary devices. This incident is under investigation."

It was also reported that three APD cruisers were vandalized nearby.

The governor responds

Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp issued a statement after what appeared to be an attack on the Atlanta police force.

"These attacks on public safety resources are outrageous and completely inexcusable. This planned destruction of property and attempted use of explosive devices put both lives and community assets in danger. Those are the tactics of organized criminals, not protestors, and their supporters should ask themselves if they truly want to be associated with such radical and violent people," Kemp said.

The governor added: "Working with state, local, and federal law enforcement partners, we will find these criminals and bring them to justice."

Hopefully, the deranged attackers will be identified and brought to justice sooner than later so they do not attempt such cowardly acts again.

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