Associated Press magically changes facts in Target story

May 26, 2023
World Net Daily

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The Associated Press, which has moved aggressively away from news reporting and into issue advocacy in recent years, has been caught surreptitiously changing facts in one of its reports.

It was caught by Just the News, which documented that the organization "removed uncredited claims … that Target yanked or relocated LGBTQ merchandise featured prominently in Pride Month displays in response to 'threats to workers' and 'violent confrontations' between customers and employees."

It also did that "without telling readers."

"Just the News noticed the wire service made the claims in its own voice in the headline and first paragraph of the report posted Tuesday night, rather than attributing those claims to Target, despite providing no evidence of threats or violence. The story was widely carried in other media," Just the News reported.

"Those claims had disappeared a day later without a correction or editor's note. The revised headline states Target 'suffer[ed] backlash for LGBTQ+ support,' while the revised opening paragraph cited 'intense backlash from some customers who confronted workers and tipped over displays.'"

But the organization, an ages-old publication that first was set up about the time of the Pony Express, "still provided no evidence for those claims," the report said.

An AP official said in an email asking about evidence of threats and violence, "As AP continued to report out the story, we were able to provide more specific examples of the incidents that took place and we updated the story accordingly."

Just the News explained:

She pointed Just the News to a new sentence that reads: "Target said that customers knocked down Pride displays at some stores, angrily approached workers and posted threatening videos on social media from inside the stores." That sentence attributes the claim to Target, rather than AP making the claim.

[She] didn't respond to two requests to explain why it didn't put a correction, editor's note or update on the story, which still provides no evidence for AP's claim that customers "confronted workers and tipped over displays."

A report at Breitbart explained: "As many are aware, Target has joined companies like Disney in the grooming of small children by prematurely exposing them to adult sexuality, homosexuality, transvestites, transsexuals, and drag queens. Any individual or corporation that launches a campaign to prematurely sexualize children is guilty of child abuse, is a threat to children, and is undoubtedly grooming them for abuse."

It continued, "June is now Pride Month in America, an unconscionably stupid and disgusting celebration of what two percent of the population do with their sex organs. As if that is not bad enough, corporations like Disney and Target use Pride Month as an excuse to groom children. Target is so dedicated to this degeneracy; it partnered with a Satanist."

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