Report: Trump supporter assaulted in Denver for wearing red MAGA hat

An unfortunate byproduct of the unadulterated hatred toward President Donald Trump from many on the political left is that it has spilled over onto Trump’s supporters, who have increasingly been under attack for the “crime” of publicly displaying support for the current president.

That is what appears to have happened on Friday in Denver, CO, as a man claims to have been violently assaulted on a street corner simply because he was wearing his red “Make America Great Again” hat.

Attacked over his red MAGA hat

Patrick Phillips is an outspoken Trump supporter who proudly wears his red MAGA hat around town, even as he readily admits the recognizable hat has sparked arguments and confrontations in the past.

While in the past, those confrontations had simply been of the verbal variety, all of that changed on Friday when he was attacked by a man he’d never met and ended up in the hospital to receive treatment for cuts and bruises after the violent assault.

Phillips said he’d been standing at the corner of a street waiting for a light to allow him to cross when an unknown man and woman approached him.

The Trump supporter explained: “He was just snickering and laughing at me like he wanted to take my hat and his girlfriend was saying, ‘Don’t do it, don’t do it.’ When I asked, ‘Do you have a problem?’ That’s when he snapped and attacked me.”

He further explained that the man had knocked his feet out from under him and proceeded to physically beat him.

“It hurt. My whole face was bruised. I was gushing blood,” Phillips said.

Alleged assailant arrested

The man who attacked Phillips was caught and arrested within an hour following the assault thanks to security camera footage.

Patrick Ryan, the 31-year-old alleged assailant, has been charged with felony assault and interference with a police officer for attempting to flee the scene of the crime.

Despite the pain he has endured, Phillips said the assault will not dissuade him from publicly displaying his support for President Trump.

“Just because this happened to me doesn’t mean I’m going to stop wearing this hat,” Phillips said. “I’m not scared. No one’s going to tell me what I can say, speak, think or believe in this country.”

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While it is possible that there are more details to this story than what has been shared by Phillips, it certainly appears as though he was physically assaulted for the mere act of wearing a red MAGA hat in public.

Hopefully, his assailant is brought to justice for his violent crime, and a message is sent to the broader liberal public that assaulting Trump supporters for their ideological wardrobe is unacceptable in this society.

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