Assailant fatally shoots man working on campaign to document gun violence: Police

Prominent figures in the realms of politics and the media frequently share stories related to the nation’s gun violence problem, much of which occurs on the streets of America’s largest cities.

As one employee at a production company interviewed residents of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on that very subject, he was reportedly shot and killed.

Details of the crime

According to the Washington Examiner, the 55-year-old man stepped outside of a home to retrieve equipment from his vehicle when someone shot him four times and left him to die.

The unnamed victim had been speaking to locals about their experiences with gun violence.

Authorities arrived on the scene in North Philadelphia near the 1900 block of Page Street a short time later and found the man lying next to the vehicle with its passenger door still open.

First responders promptly transported the man to nearby Temple University Hospital for treatment of gunshot wounds to the head, chest, torso, and legs. He was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival.

Police reports indicate the shooter left four shell casing from the murder weapon at the scene near the location of the crime.

A nationwide problem

According to a local NBC News affiliate, no arrests were immediately announced. Authorities did note that there are several surveillance cameras located in the general vicinity and investigators are working to secure footage from those cameras in hopes of identifying a suspect or suspects.

The shooting is one of a growing number of violent gun crimes in Philadelphia and across multiple U.S. cities that have seen a sharp uptick in shootings so far this year.

According to Breitbart, Chicago, Illinois, led the way in total shootings over a 72-hour span last weekend with roughly 30 shooting victims — three of whom later died. Since January the Windy City has logged 620 known shooting incidents, including at least 116 that proved fatal.

Similar scenes have been reported in places like New York City, as detailed in a report earlier this year showing a staggering 125% uptick in shootings compared to the same time period last year.

While mass shootings including those in Altanta, Georgia, and Boulder, Colorado, earlier this month have prompted renewed calls for gun control among many Democratic Party leaders, deadly shootings that plague Democratic-led cities typically receive far less coverage.

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