Syria’s Assad leaves the country, visits Putin in Russia

Syrian President Bashar Assad is looking for allies anywhere he can get them.

An AP report just surfaced, reporting Assad has left Syria to meet with Russian President Putin.

Time to Go

Assad has been under immense pressure from the United States for years.

After the latest chemical attack against his own people, Trump has amped up pressure to get the terrorist out of office.

Trump has been unleashing a volley of attacks against the Syrian president in an effort to oust him from leadership.

Assad has resisted, and now he is running for cover behind Russia.

According to the report, Assad met Putin at his summer residence at a Black Sea resort.

Oh, the Irony

A transcript of the meeting between Putin and Assad was released.

Ironically, Assad is quoted as saying he is fighting off “terrorism.”

Funny, the man who uses chemical weapons against his own people claims to be fighting terrorism when he is the actual terrorist.

Assad also reportedly told Putin that he wants to send a delegation to the U.N. very soon.

He is doing so to discuss reforming Syria’s constitution.

Could he be having a change of heart after Trump bombed him or is he just biding his time?

History would suggest much more the latter than the former.

It is estimated that almost 500,000 people have died during the Syrian civil war.

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Just as disturbing is the roughly 11 million people that have lost their homes.

That being said, the only real “reform” anyone wants to see from Assad is him being removed from office and his reign of terror ended.

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