Asian-Americans reportedly leaving Democratic Party over discriminatory policies

The Democratic Party previously enjoyed a seemingly insurmountable coalition of voter support that included substantial portions of minority group voting blocs — most notably Blacks, Hispanics, and Asian-Americans.

That support appears to have been taken for granted by Democrats, though, and now growing segments of those voting blocs are increasingly abandoning the political party they once called home, particularly Asian-Americans, the Daily Caller reported.

Making matters worse for Democrats, it is their evolving policies that have driven away that prior support from Asian-Americans, most especially concerning openly racist discrimination in education, but also because of rising crime against the community, the economy, inflation, lax immigration enforcement, racism more broadly, and an embrace of non-traditional lifestyles that run counter to more traditional Asian cultures.

Anecdotal evidence of Asian-American exodus

“Asian-American families want the same things as any other family in this country — the opportunity to work hard, live in a safe community, a provide the best life for their children,” former U.N. ambassador and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley told the Daily Caller. “That’s why people from every walk of life are supporting GOP candidates. They agree our message is the right one and that we have the solutions to lift up all Americans.”

The outlet noted and explained that it was difficult for public polling to adequately display a reported political shift among the broad and disparate Asian-American community, but that said, there is ample anecdotal evidence that the shift is occurring, and discrimination against Asians in educational settings is arguably the biggest driving force behind it.

There have been several major court cases in recent years, including at least two yet to be decided at the Supreme Court, regarding alleged anti-Asian discrimination in high schools and universities, evidenced both by lowered standards that appear aimed to reduce Asian-American admissions while increasing admissions of Black and Hispanic students paired with openly stated remarks justifying the discrimination against Asian-American and White students.

It isn’t just discrimination in education, though, that is reportedly driving Asian-Americans away from the Democratic Party, but also the “lawless chaos” of things like arbitrary COVID lockdowns and other mitigation measures, rising crime — particularly anti-Asian hate crimes — and open borders policies, to say nothing of the economic policies that have led to inflation and higher prices for food and gas, among other things.

Discrimination in education, crime, racism, and the economy

It also isn’t just the Daily Caller or Republicans saying this either, as a Newsweek op-ed in January raised many of the same arguments in making the case for why Asian-Americans were exiting the Democratic Party at an increasing rate.

Again, the openly displayed and at times even celebrated discrimination against Asian-Americans at educational institutions, exemplified by the embrace of racially divisive Critical Race Theory and discriminatory racial preference policies at many of those institutions, was the foremost reason.

But rising crime rates and targeted violence against Asian-Americans — often committed by Blacks in Democrat-controlled jurisdictions with “soft-on-crime” policies — as well as the aforementioned economic issues have also played a role in the apparent exodus.

Democrats’ “elitist culture” to blame

Interestingly, a warning to Democrats in a lengthy piece from left-leaning The Intercept in November 2021 noted that it wasn’t just Asian-Americans or white working-class voters who were abandoning the party they once called home, but voters of all ethnic and racial backgrounds.

That piece argued that the breakdown was more about class than race, though, and asserted that it was the increasingly “elitist culture” and favoritism for certain subgroups of Democrats that was to blame for running off working-class voters of all colors, but, regardless of the real underlying motivators, there is little denying that the Democratic Party’s coalition is broken and they could suffer greatly for it in upcoming elections.

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