As Biden relaxes in Delaware, hundreds of Ukrainian supporters protest in front of White House

President Joe Biden, as he sits comfortably at home in Delaware while the world is closer to nuclear war than it has been in 60 years, continues to take criticism for his weak and ineffective response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

According to Fox News, that criticism sharply rose on Saturday as hundreds of Ukrainian Americans and supporters gathered outside of the White House fencing to protest Biden’s weak sanctions, calling for stronger measures as Vladimir Putin is poised to launch more rounds of brutal attacks in his attempted takeover of Ukraine.

“Russia bombed my family and friends now in Kyiv and many cities of Ukraine,” one of the protesters told Fox News. “I want the whole world to know that this is time to act.”

“I came here today to ask our president to impose better sanctions on Russia because the sanctions that he announced, to be honest, are not really enough,” another protester said.

Protesters gather

Their message was clear: They want Biden to do more to stop Putin from completely destroying the country in which many still have family and friends.

“We need to act because we are protecting not only Ukraine, but the whole Western civilization,” one of the protesters said.

They noted that overall, they appreciate the defensive military aid that the United States has shipped to Ukraine, but clearly, more actions are needed to deter Putin from making gains.

“We’re sure there are more serious acts that may be done to support Ukraine,” another protester said. “Despite the fact that we respect USA and thank them for everything that they have done.”

SWIFT access limited

One of the harshest sanctions, according to those familiar with financial sanctions, was the removal of Russia and Putin from the SWIFT international banking system. There was initial hesitancy to do so, but on Saturday, it was announced that a number of European Union nations, along with the United States, moved to remove some Russian banks from the system, according to NPR.

However, so far, Putin doesn’t seem to be deterred by the action, as many other believe he spent months preparing for the expected financial sanctions and took measures to protect himself and a number of mega-wealthy Russian oligarchs.

At this point, it appears as if the Ukraine situation will be yet another stain on Biden’s record, as he’s viewed by many around the world as a weak leader, which might have even prompted Putin to use this timeframe to go through with the invasion.

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