‘Laugh In’ star Arte Johnson dead at age 90

The entertainment industry lost another legend this week.

Arte Johsnon, who won an Emmy Award for Laugh In, passed away this week at the age of 90 from heart failure.

Late 1960s, Early 1970s Star

For several years, Arte Johnson’s schtick on Laugh In would have everyone in the house doubled over in laughter.

Some of his sketches were so funny, in fact, his co-stars could not help but break out in laughter right in the middle of the skit. During one skit, Johnson got guest Don Rickles so good, the comedy star told Johnson to “give me a break.”

One of the more famous characters played by Johnson on Laugh In what that of a German soldier using the line, “very interesting.”

While he spent only four years on that particular show, he won an Emmy for it in 1969.

Johnson was mostly considered a TV comedy star, but he would also go on to play roles in several movies, including the 1979 Love at First Bite.

Loss of an Icon

Johnson was clearly loved by the fans he touched over the years as well as his many co-stars. The outpouring of affection on social media made that fact quite apparent.

The biggest compliment any comedian can receive not only making his or her fans laugh but to also be found funny by fellow comics.

As stated above, it was not an exception when Johnson would make his co-stars on Laugh In break out in a fit of laughter during a bit.

The former producer of the show, George Schlatter, stated he looked for “funny and magical people” for the cast of the show.

They are two words that surely describe Arte Johnson. Rest in peace Arte, for you will definitely be missed.

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