Arson attack wipes out Japanese animation studio, killing 33

A deadly attack against a renowned animation studio in Japan has left more than two dozen workers dead.

Japanese police are now investigating an alleged arson attack against the Kyoto Animation studio, which killed 33 people and left almost three dozen more injured.

The attack is considered to be one of the worst mass-murder cases in Japan in decades.

Late-Morning Explosion

According to witnesses, an “explosion-like” sound was heard around 10:30 a.m. local time. Suddenly, smoke started to billow out of the building.

Firefighters arrived on the scene soon thereafter, but it was too late for dozens of workers on the upper floors inside the animation studio.

The Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, called it a gruesome crime.

KyoAni Studio

The Kyoto Animation studio is widely considered a giant in the industry. For decades, the studio has produced some of the most successful animation in Japanese history.

With that success obviously comes jealousy and attacks.

KyoAni CEO Hideaki Yata stated he has been the subject of many threats over the years. He passes them on to the police and lets them investigate.

On the deaths of his workers, he stated, “They are the people who carry Japan’s animation industry on their shoulders.”

“I can’t bear to accept the fact they are being hurt or losing their lives.”

Fans of the studio blew up the internet on both Thursday and Friday with condolences and outrage over the attack. According to the latest reports, local police do have a suspect in custody, but he has yet to be questioned.

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